The One-Question Interview: A  tech CEO talks about what to look for in a good mentor

Posted September 29th, 2016

Greg Stock is the CEO of Austin-based Zenoss, a provider of enterprise software for network monitoring. 

He spoke to recently about the influence mentors have had on his working life. As a CEO, he says, mentors have helped him with tough business decisions, from negotiating deals to HR issues.  

Stock says he is often asked to be a mentor and he usually says yes, though he sets the expectations early on that he won't be able to talk weekly. "It's very hard for me to say no," he said. 

What should you look for in a good mentor?

"My advice, first and foremost, is you have to be someone that others want to mentor. Be dependable and predictable. 

If I had to start at  top of the list, the first thing I'm looking for is that Cap. Sullenberger type of mentality. In a really critical situation, who has the steady hand? 

Who will make sure, when life is crazy and throwing you wrinkles, who will make sure you are looking at this from the big picture and making the big decision? 

When you're running companies or have crisis of your life, then there’s the integrity angle, the Abe Lincoln. There’s business results and there’s making sure you never compromise any integrity to achieve those results. Associate with someone who feels that way. Look for honest, constructive criticism. 

Who will tell you the truth about what you need to fix?"

Do you a topic or a person who would make an ideal One Question Interview? 

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