Kahoot, edutainment company with Austin ties, gets $10 million in new funding and a Disney Accelerator FastPass

Posted July 18th, 2017

Kahoot, an Oslo, Norway-based learning company with an Austin office and roots here, has landed a $10 million Series A funding round just a week after it was announced the company has been accepted into the three-month Disney Accelerator program.

Kahoot, which launched in 2013 at South by Southwest in beta form, has become a popular way for teachers to engage with K-12 students through easy-to-build learning quizzes. The web-based platform has about 50 million active unique users a month and of late has been branching into corporate, premium uses for what it does as well as a mobile version that chief executive Erik Harrell says will take Kahoot beyond the classroom.

Contributed / Kahoot!Erik Harrell is chief executive officer of Kahoot, a company that makes learning quiz games and has about 50 million active users.

“We want to continue to make learning fun and make homework fun,” he said. “Students will be able to enjoy the Kahoot magic and that learning outside the classroom and engage anywhere, anytime on the go.”

The $10 million in funding comes from new private investors in Norway, along with current investors Microsoft Ventures, Creandum and Northzone. Harrell says the company has been adding more marketing staff and building up its commercial business while keeping its core educational product free to students and teachers. The company has about 55 employees, most of them in Europe. Its Austin office is based at Capital Factory.

The company has about 2 million teachers using its platform, about half of the total numbers of teachers in the U.S.,

Harrell says that has been key to the company’s strong year-over-year growth. “Teachers love it because students really love learning this way,” he said. “That’s ultimately why we’ve gotten so much traction. What Kahoot does is very inclusive and it’s very engaging.”

The company had a previous funding round of $10 million it closed last September.

For the Disney Accelerator program, Kahoot was one of 11 companies chosen for being at the intersection of technology and entertainment. 

Harrell said of the program, “Having access to a range of creative expertise, resources and leaders at Disney will give us a chance to develop innovative new experiences, as we seek to achieve our mission to make learning awesome for all.”