Five Cratejoy subscription boxes that will blow your mind

Posted April 15th, 2016

Chances are you've used a subscription service before, such as the popular Dollar Shave Club, Birchbox or Bark Box. 

This popular e-commerce niche is booming and now there is a subscription box for virtually every retail category imaginable and even some you've never thought of - like the Dirt of the Month Club

Austin-based Cratejoy knows this all too well. They help subscription services run their business and recently launched an online marketplace that visitors can use to browse and find subscription boxes.

Here are some of the more unusual subscription boxes that caught our eye when browsing the marketplace. 

1. The CatLadyBox

Credit: Cratejoy

The makers of the CatLadyBox are probably hoping to capture a little of the retail magic from Bark Box, a wildly popular monthly box of treats and toys for dogs. This box offers cat-themed apparel and merchandise. 

Cost:$34.99 a month

2. Stoner Supply Club

Credit: Cratejoy

Everything but the weed. This company sells "smoking accessories" (pipes and bongs) as well as snacks to satisfy the munchies. 

Cost: $24.99 a month

3. Witch Crate

Credit: Cratejoy

You want to be a witch, but, darn it, there just aren't enough places to buy all your witchcraft accessories. Enter Witch Crate! They provided craft spell kits, including the ingredients and tools needed to cast that spell. 

Cost: $133 a month

4. Autograph of the Month

Credit: Cratejoy

Before selfies, the most sought-after celebrity artifact was the good-old-fashioned signature. Every month this company embraces this vintage trend and ships you a random autograph of a celebrity from film or TVs. 

Cost: $20 a month

5. The Prepper Box

If you're worried about the end of the world - or some other cataclysmic event -  Prepper Box has your back. This box delivers monthly end-of-world prepping goodies, such as knives and water purifiers. 

Cost: $35