Dell's Entrepreneur-in-Residence talks about the technology she can't live without when she travels

Posted November 8th, 2016

Elizabeth Gore is Dell Technologies' Entrepreneur-in-Residence, which means she helps bring the entrepreneurial perspective to Dell, and helps connect Dell with start-ups that may need their computers or IT solutions. Her work with Dell involves a lot of travel as she meets with various entrepreneurs throughout the globe. 

 What's the one bit of technology you can't live without?

"Traveling connectivity is absolutely essential. I have to stay connected. I carry a MiFi around with me all the time. Access to WiFi and broadband is a huge problem - the countries in Asia are kicking our butt. 

My job is to talk about the issues and listen. I need to be connected for my work. Dell is my biggest client and... I am consistently connecting with them. I have companies I support that are important to me, and understanding what's going on and reading things in rapid time is vital. 

Staying connected means a lot of things for me - particularly understanding where my children are. Personally I need to be connected with home --- I Facetime with (my kids). 

And it's not just my children. I love being able to see the harvest in Sonoma County (Calif., where she lives.) Seeing how it’s going and seeing the pictures. We have Facebook groups and stay connected that way."

This interview had been edited for clarity and length.