Another perk for tech workers: on-site eco-friendly car wash

Austin's Preserve Auto Spa washes cars with only one cup of water.

Posted April 6th, 2016

What they do: Preserve Auto Spa washes cars using earth-friendly auto cleaning products to save water. They offer on-site services and have developed a strategy of targeting tech companies, who have their employees' cars washed while they work. 

How they do it: They use products from California-based company Eco Green Auto Clean. “We use a waterless car wash product so we can wash a car with less than one cup of water,” said Brooks Wiley, founder. This is miniscule compared to the 100 gallons of water it takes on average to wash a car in a garage, or the 38 gallons in a typical tunnel car wash, he said.

Who they are: Brooks Wiley and his wife, Cara Wiley, founded the company in January.

Bootstrapped or investors: The Wileys are funding Preserve Auto Spa themselves.

The competitive edge: “We offer a service that a lot of employees want to have, and we do it at competitive prices,” Wiley said. “It’s provided as a convenience or a perk for employees as one less errand they need to run.” Prices typically range from $25 to $45 to wash one car. Preserve Auto Spa also offers more high-end services, like an “exfoliation” treatment which includes an “eco massage” and “a special clay bar to remove contaminants from paint” that can run up to $145 a pop.

The biggest challenge: Wiley said it has been difficult to make companies aware their service even exists. “People don’t quite believe that you can wash a car with less than one cup of water,” Wiley said. “People think it might scratch their car, but if anything, it’s less likely than with the typical drive through car wash.”